Software Development -- Disciplined, and Empowered

Would you like to ship your software sooner?
Are you tired of rework and unforseen features sucking extensive resources?
Would you like more consistency or better processes in your development effort?

Erlandtech can address each of these needs, and more. We help you develop your software more quickly and more consistently, and we also give you the power to handle rework and changes expeditiously. What we offer is called software configuration management, and as you incorporate simple principles and systems, our disciplined approach will improve your development team -- forever.

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What Do You Need?

I manage a software development team, either directly or as a CIO/CTO, and...

I need to control my development process better.

I need to incorporate SCM as an integral part of my new development project.

I had a software configuration manager, but I could not afford one full-time. I need a part-time SCM.

None of This Applies. What Do You Do, and Why Should I Buy It?

Choose the option on the right, and you'll learn more about what software configuration management is, whether SCM can practically improve your bottom line and an opportunity to set up a no-obligation, free consultation with an Erlandtech representative.

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